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LGBT activists attack anti-depravation campaigner in Poland

That is how it all started. We organized a campaign against depravation and demoralization of children, and this is how famous “Margot” and his friends reacted. It is pure violence. The activists are brutal and their goal is to hurt their opponents.

What we present on the van are quotations from the World Health Organization’s sexual education standards. They say that children aged 0-4 should be taught about masturbation and various types of realtionships. At the age of 4 to 6 they should learn about sexual feelings and the joy of masturbation. At the age of 6-9 they should learn about contraception and first sexual experiences. At the age of 9-12 they should learn to efficiently use condoms.

Our goal is to protect the children from demoralization. The LGBT activists keep attacking us. What you see in the video is nothing unusual. Previously in our campaigns we have been attacked even more brutally and from what “Margot” says about bloody revolution that he wants to start, we expect the attacts to get worse. That is what the leftist tolerance look like in Poland.

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